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Industry Days

Industry Days – Innovating in Food Valorisation

27 and 28 July


The Industry Days are immersive tours which aim to inspire and elevate participants to the potential of working in the agro-food industry, by visiting top-tier industries and engaging directly with professionals. During these visits, the attendees will have practical exposure and expert-led sessions and learn about cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices that drive the industry forward. This event offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and industry leaders, fostering collaboration and innovation.

When: 27 and 28 July 2024

Where: Idanha-a-Nova

Who can attend?

  • New researchers and PhD students in the agro-food sector.
  • Entrepreneurs and startups focusing on agro-food byproducts.
  • Industry professionals interested in food innovation and sustainability.
  • Academics and educators in food technology and sustainability fields.

Program Description

The Industry Days are organized visits to businesses and industries operating in agro-food which bring closer young researchers, entrepreneurs, those passioned about the food industry with the businesses.

These visits provide inspiration to new researchers and entrepreneurs by checking on the latest advancements in food production and by-product valorisation. Through industry tours, workshops, and networking sessions, participants will gain insights into sustainable practices and innovative strategies employed by leading companies in the field.

Industry Days focuses on low density rural regions of Idanha-a-Nova offering participants the opportunity to discover a beautiful region where innovation is put at the service of byproducts valorisation.

Program Outline

Day 1: Introduction and Industry Visits

  • Welcome
  • Visit to food processor industry specialized in stabilized preparations that create unique flavour experiences. Get to know the most effective technology while respecting the integrity of the produce.
  • Lunch
  • Visit to a family-owned company that manages over 60 hectares of fruit orchards, with plans to install an additional 60 hectares for apricots, persimmons, and quinces.
  • Discussion and Q&A Session with Industry Experts.
  • Social Program

Day 2: Industry Visits & Workshops

  • Visit to the centre of excellence, at national and cross-border level, in technological support for the agro-food sector, in promoting research and development and innovation in areas of intervention aligned with the priorities of companies.
  • Interactive Session: Developing Business Models for Byproduct Valorisation.
  • Networking Session and Closing Remarks.

We provide accommodations, meals, and public transportation from Lisbon/Porto to Castelo Branco, restricted to the first 20 participants.


The Industry Days will feature a blend of hands-on learning and interactive sessions, facilitated by experts from the industry and academia. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with:

  • Industry leaders demonstrating real-world applications of innovative techniques.
  • Academic researchers presenting the latest findings and methodologies in byproduct valorisation.
  • Business developers providing insights into creating sustainable and profitable business models in the agro-food sector.

Through these activities, attendees will gain practical knowledge, industry insights, and valuable connections that will empower them to drive innovation and sustainability in their own projects.

More Information

Director: Claudia Costa |

Dates: 27 and 28 July 2024

*The accommodations will be provided since 26th July to 28th July.

Application Deadline: 15 July

Investment: Free (a cancellation fee applies if you cancel within the last 48 hours)


For more information, please contact
Ana Rita Silva |

DIP4Agri education programme will accelerate capacity building in entrepreneurship and innovation (E&I) of higher education institutions (HEI), in domains of deep tech.

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    DIP4Agri education programme will accelerate capacity building in entrepreneurship and innovation (E&I) of higher education institutions (HEI), in domains of deep tech.

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