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Deep Tech for Innovators Advanced Course

Deep Tech for Innovators

Deep Tech for Innovators

Online Advanced Course

When: 15 Sept to 10 Nov 2023, every Friday 

How: International, multidisciplinary 60 hours online course; intersects Deep Techs and entrepreneurship and innovation skills; includes a use case competition based on real problems from the agri-food industry.

For: Students, academic and non-academic staff, and professionals from the agri-food sector.

ECTS: 10.

Fee: 50€ for the full course.

Plus: Be eligible for a 5,000€ award .

Are you interested in succeeding in using deep tech (biotechnology, clean techs, AI & Machine Learning and Robotics) based innovations in agri-food to create solutions for agri-food by-product valorisation? Join us and learn how to develop new business solutions and address real problems the agri-food sector is facing. 

Course Overview

This unique course offers of a mix of lectures, use cases presentations, tutorial sessions and teamwork with plenty of time for discussion and questions. The concept is to provide a specialized training in Deep Tech areas (Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Robotics and CleanTech), together with Tech Transfer Methodologies to support Deep Tech innovation and Life Cycle Analysis, to enable students to design sustainable innovations. In parallel, national and international agrifood companies will propose real life challenges to be solved by the students, who will work in groups to develop solutions and business ideas, being supported by dedicated tutoring sessions. The objective is to prepare the students with deep tech-based tools and entrepreneurship skills for developing innovative solutions in the agrifood sector. The working groups presenting the best solutions will be mentored and compete for an award.

Deep Tech for Innovators is provided by the DIP4agri Consortium, including Universidade Católica Portuguesa (PT), Aarhus University (DK), Wageningen University (NL), Food4Sustainability (PT), BGI (PT), Castillo de Canena (SP), Planicie Verde (PT), Food&Bio Cluster Denmark (DK) and FME (NL).

Course details

The 60-hour online program will be offered in English, every Friday, from the 15th of September to the 10th of November. Teaching time will vary from 8 hours in the first session to 6 or 7 in the following.

After an introduction to all 4 Deep Tech areas (8 hours), students can select one Deep Tech area (Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Robotics or CleanTech) (10 hours). This will allow students reaching a higher level of understanding and enable them to develop innovative solutions on their preferred Deep Tech area.

To develop sustainable business ideas, all students will be trained on Tech Transfer Methodologies (14 hours) and Life Cycle Analysis (2 hours).

A major component of the course is a case competition, where students will be exposed to several real- life problems presented by national and international companies. Students will be asked to work in teams and choose one use case and develop an innovative solution and a business idea. At the end of the course, the teams will make a pitch presentation to a jury.

Up to 8 of these teams will be eligible for additional mentoring and 5,000 euros award for the best pitch.

Deep Tech modules

Students will be asked to attend introductory modules on all the Deep Techs, to insure a common basic understanding:

  • Introduction to Biotechnology (2h)
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (2h)
  • Introduction to Clean Technologies (2h).

    After this general introduction, students will be able to delve deeper in one Deep Tech area, aligned with their preference, by choosing one of the following options (10h):
  1. Biotechnology modules (10h)
    • Soil health indicators
    • Biorefineries
    • Fermentation technologies
  2. AI&ML modules (10h)
    • Integrated smart farming
    • Imaging analysis / deep learning
    • Data management and analysis
  3. Robotics modules (10h)
    • Robots and sensors
    • Robot arms/3D imaging
    • Data collection and processing
  4. CleanTech modules (10h)
    • Climate Change fundamentals & Clean Tech solutions
    • Global potentials of renewable energies
    • Emerging and clean technologies for upcycling

Students will be assessed on the basis of a written report and the final team solution presentation and discussion, and will receive a final certificate.


Students will be awarded with 10 ETCS upon course completion.


There is a fee of 50€ for the full course, requested upon full registration (to be made available soon).

Deadline for registration

Registration will close on the 10th of September 2023.

Deep Tech for Innovators

Online Advanced Course

    DIP4Agri education programme will accelerate capacity building in entrepreneurship and innovation (E&I) of higher education institutions (HEI), in domains of deep tech.

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      DIP4Agri education programme will accelerate capacity building in entrepreneurship and innovation (E&I) of higher education institutions (HEI), in domains of deep tech.

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        Privacy Policy.

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